Friday, 23 December 2011

Get It Right This Festive Season

Its the season to be joyful and thankful. Its also a time to look glam and fabulous. With a lot of party invitations to keep up with, its hard to look ones best all the time . Looking great means getting it right with ones choice of outfit and of course your hair. They say a woman's crowning glory is her hair. So you have purchased the perfect outfit and a fabulous pair of shoes and handbag to go with it, what about the hair?  Your hair can make all the difference.  For the the woman of colour,  and I suppose most women, the hair is the most important part of the outfit.

 What are the options? For the lady who prefers the natural  and short look, its best to perm or at least texturise to make it manageable and fabulous. I prefer texturising as its mild on the scalp and the hair.

For lovers of the weave, get it right by making sure that it looks natural and glam. Aim for an invisible closure. There is nothing as distracting as an obvious  look of hair extensions. Cover it up with the perfect hair closure. Use a lace or weave closure for the perfect and natural result.  You can also achieve the perfect glam look using wig clips to clip in the hair extensions. This works perfectly well if you already have long hair and just need to add a bit more for fullness or to achieve a longer length.

And then, there is the full wig or the lace front wig. The wig or lace front wig is perfect as it instantly gives that glamourous and instant help that you need for a great hair day.  When purchasing a wig or lace front wig, choose the one with inner securing combs. This ensures that the wig is secured even during windy moments. Also choose the style that suits your face. The colour of the wig also matters. Most woman prefer the easy option, dark colours. Experiment with lighter colours. Try a mixture of light brown colours and light colours. I love colour 4 and 4/30 or 4/27. See our colour chart at for guidance.

For emergencies, use the very dependable ponytails or hair buns. It is the best and cheaper way to enhance your look in seconds. Its fab and its suitable for all occasions. I love ponytails and have it in different styles and lengths. Its a must have for giving your hair a helping hand when it matters. Its quick and easy to apply. Just click in with the securing inner combs which ensures a perfect fit. We love the ninja look ponytail.

Whatever style you choose ladies, aim to achieve an invisible hairline. You want people admiring not looking at your hairline. Get it right with your hair this festive season.

Happy Xmas everyone, and a happy fulfilling 2012.
Happy celebrations. Remember, its always all about you.

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