Saturday, 3 December 2011

Image Is Everything

Back home in the UK after a fabulous time in Dallas Texas. No doubt I came back with fabulous goodies for our customers. Have uploaded some of them on our website, more to come as soon as we take delivery of all of them. Watch this space guys. Its Christmas season and everyone is in a fabulous mood. Went into Guildford town centre today and it was filled with shoppers. Great news for the retail industry I must say.

Trying to catch up on the news while I was away.  First was the strike action by the unions protesting the cuts in their in their pension and the furore that was generated by the comments made by Jeremy Clarkson a presenter on BBC television channel. Its a free country guys and he is entitled to his opinion no matter how insensitive some think he was. Anyway, he has apologised. Also read in the Mail newspapers an article by one of their writers, an Asian beauty editor about how black and Asian celebrities and superstars are lightened up and made to look paler in photo shots for magazines and posters. She posted pictures of black celebrities including Rebecca Ferguson, a mixed raced runner up of last years X Factor. It made me think why? Whats wrong with representing black and Asian women in their true glory? Black and Asian women are blessed with beautiful ageless skin. Like I have posted in my older blogs, the beauty and fashion industry need to do more to promote black beauty. Times in the past I have gone into big stores in the United Kingdom  outside of London, only to be told they do not sell beauty products for darker skin.  Shocking I think. Its my opinion that the fashion and beauty industry should be made to represent the different skin colours.  This  is however changing thank goodness. I was pleasantly surprised to see hair relaxers being sold in my local Boots store in Guildford, Surrey.  Its my opinion that large supermarkets and department stores should be encouraged to cater for all skin colours just as they cater for all skin types.  For some reasons, its easier to get beauty products for darker skin in the United States than in the United Kingdom. I actually discovered that some of these manufacturers do make products for black skin but for unknown reason we don't see them here. Some manufacturers like  Estee Lauder  and Clinique have always catered for darker skin. More need to follow. Women will buy good beauty products be they white or black. Image is everything to a fashion conscious woman whatever the skin colour.

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Remember, its all about you.

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