Thursday, 3 March 2011

Lace Wig N Weave Essentials

For lovers of lace wig like myself, caring for it is as essential as caring for your own hair especially if you have splashed out on 100% human hair. Not to say that caring for the mixed fibre and synthetic lace wigs and weave is not also important. There are a few accessories essential for comfortable and successful wig and weave wearing while also protecting your natural hair.

The first essential item for a comfortable wig wearing, is the all important 'wig cap'. Wig cap controls your natural hair while also protecting your hair. It also ensures a firm grip of your lace wig especially if you are wearing a glue less front lace wig. The brilliant thing about glue less lace wigs is that you don't have to shave off your front hair which some people do to enable the application of glue. For fabulous glue less lace wigs, visit

The second essential accessory  that is definitely important for the life of your weave and lace wig is a wig brush. Your wig or weave should be treated like like your natural hair. Brush it daily with a proper wig brush. This ensures that they remain tangle free and fabulous. Check out our online shop for fabulous wig brushes.

Finally, for that glossy and shiny look, give your weave or lace wig the kiss of life weekly with a dose of  hair spray. Not the the hair spray that leaves your hair oily and greasy but the one that adds a bit of shine while detangling it. We are loving the 'Hair Essence' wig and weave spray by Lord & Cliff. This product is coming soon to our shop. Its fabulous.

Well ladies who love the weave or wig, take care of it like you would do your normal hair and they would love you back.