Friday, 9 September 2011

My Problem with selling on eBay UK.

I have just returned from a business cum holiday trip to NYC and the garden state of New Jersey. Love New Jersey I must say. Came back with more fabulous products for our fab customers.

Being a sole trader is hard but exciting sometimes. I love the feeling of getting it right with my customers. Its an amazing feeling when you receive positive feedbacks from customers who genuinely love your products and services. Its even more rewarding when some of them take time off to write you an email saying thanks. It makes it all worthwhile. We do sometimes encounter some difficult customers but the good ones far outweighs the difficult ones.

This week after a lot of thinking, I have decided to close my shop on eBay UK. We still sell on Amazon UK and on our fabulous website, We are also in the process of opening our facebook store. We decided to again close our eBay store because of the many difficulties with both customers and their seller support whom I discovered are based in the United States. From my experience, we were not supported as sellers while dealing with some difficult customers. A lot of support for buyers but not enough for sellers. To make matters worse, they introduced a payment hold method for no justifiable reasons. This payment hold, allows eBay to hold on to money paid to us through Pay pal by buyers on eBay for 21 days except a buyer leaves a positive feedback. Now, it is good practice to try as much as possible to get positive feedbacks from ones customers but I don't believe in hounding buyers for feedbacks. We discovered that despite sending out tracking informations which confirms that buyers have received their products, our payments were not released. As a  small business we need our money as soon as possible to replenish stock. So after several unsuccessful  emails to them to release our money as soon as payments are made we decided to close the shop. In these tough  economic climate, you need all the help you can get and we weren't getting much help from them.

So, its business as usual on our website and our Amazon UK store. We will also be updating you on our new facebook store that is coming soon. Keep reading my blogs as I share my experience running an online

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