Thursday, 10 February 2011

Lace Wig Or Weave

Ladies who wear wig or weave all want to achieve an invisible hairline whatever the style. Lace wig has become the choice of celebrities. Stars like Beyonce and Tyra Banks are great lovers of lace wig. It  is also the choice of actors and actresses in creating their  different characters. It is common knowledge that black women put in extra effort to get that fabulous hairstyle. The question is: Lace wig or Weave?

Lace wig is designed to be the closest to your natural hair, undetectable because they are designed with a gauze like lace material which blends into ones skin to give a natural appearance. Some of them can  be attached using tape or glue but some can  be worn without the application of glue. These are known as glue less lace front wig. It also comes in synthetic hair or human hair.

The weave however is the choice of some ladies because they argue that it promotes natural hair and save money. But, watch your hairline ladies. How natural is it? This problem can be solved however using a lace closure which ensures invisible hairline.

The lace wig guarantees full frontal closure while a weave may give you that only with a lace closure. Whatever your style be sure to chose the one that gives you the most natural look ever so that you can relax that people are watching you, not your hairstyle.
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