Thursday, 3 February 2011

Banks Aren't Helping

The small businesses are supposed to help out in these recession times. How are they supposed to pull their weight when the banks are not lending. Its indeed an uphill task trying to get some form of cash injection into ones business and when you do get an offer, the interest is sure to put one off.

I have been having problems with my laptop and needed to upgrade to Apple Mac Pro since my business is internet base. I needed a good quality laptop that makes it a lot easier. Tried purchasing a laptop at Apple online store via financing offered by Barclays bank, I was turned down despite having a very good credit history and all my accounts including business account being with Barclays. I  then tried getting a loan through Lloyds bank to finance the purchase, same sad story. Turned down despite having a good history with them. You can't win. They say banks give you an umbrella when its sunny and then takes it the minute it starts raining.

Well, on good note, traffic has picked up on my website and we are selling fairly well on Amazon UK. Hopefully, this is going to be a great year.
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  1. Just to add that I have been granted the finance needed to purchase a new apple laptop by Barclays finance since posting this blog. Thanks