Sunday, 3 June 2012

My Problem With 1&1 Internet

Ever since our business was born nearly three years ago, our website had been hosted by 1&1 Internet. Didn't really know much about them except that a friend recommended them. Our business is solely online base hence we needed a competent and reliable host. The first issue was the price, each additional key component required for making it a professional website was added fee. Well, I didn't quite mind that except that the monthly bill varied from month to month.  Again, we continued with them. It did not help that their technical support team based somewhere in the universe did not quite understand the technicalities of phone support. one of them thought I was referring to weight when I mentioned British pound which happens to be the currency we trade in.

The last straw for me and the reason for this blog, is that from the first of May 2012 till 2nd of June 2012, our website suddenly went off line. I panicked because our business is mainly online based. Rang and emailed their technical support team several times, no result. Eventually, one of them said they had a bug in the system and we should be back soon. It dragged on with no communication from 1&1 internet except for a bill sent despite not providing service. It was during this time that I spoke to a friend in panic and he advised that I googled I hate 1&1. There I found so many appalling  stories by disappointed customers. I think that 1&1 has taken more than they can handle and are struggling to cope in the UK. I get very angry when I see their adverts on television, asking for more customers.

As I write this blog, 1&1 has still not rectified nor given me a viable reason why our website is still down despite us being up to date with our fees to them. I have had to cough out another hefty bill for another website as its impossible to move your website from them to another host. Once they have you, you are stuck.

Currently, our brand new website designed and hosted by competent and I think, very professional host, Ipage, is up and running. So far so good with Ipage. We are glad to be back. As a small business, 1&1 internet has caused us serious loss of revenue and customers by their incompetence. If not for Amazon Uk, we would not have a store to sell our fabulous products.

Please visit our fabulous new website. and get shopping. We are still in the process of uploading our products.

Happy Diamond Jubilee celebrations everyone. Long may Queen Elizabeth 11 reign.

Its all about you!!

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