Friday, 3 August 2012

Make Your Lace Wig Last

Its my humble opinion that the person who  invented the wig and indeed the lace wig is a genius. Its so liberating being able to change your look as often as you wish without having to spend a fortune at the salon. Even when a woman has healthy luxurious hair, its still pertinent to have a few wigs in your closet for times you want to change your looks.  And if your hair is damaged from the use of too much chemicals, the wig becomes a life saver. I love the idea of being able to change the colour of ones hair to go with the seasons without having to colour your natural hair.

 A ladies hairstyle should reflect the different seasons, just like clothes come in different colours with different seasons, your hair should reflect the mood of the season.  We have had a fairly good weather this Olympic season in the United Kingdom thankfully. Give your hair some attitude to reflect the mood of the season.  A vibrant blonde colour is perfect for hot summer days. Be bold, step out of the dark and get some colours in your hair. The best and most effective way to do this is to invest in great quality lace wig or full wigs with different colours.  Love colours 33 and 30 for summer. For the fainthearted, go for 4 or 1B/30. I also would recommend colours 99J or 350 for that fire reddish look. fabulous.

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Now that you have invested in fabulous lace wig , how do you make it last long to get the most of it? Well, one way I recommend is to give your wig a break after each week of wearing it. If you find a style that suits you, get at least three wigs of the same style and change your wig after every week to prevent shedding and tangling. For instance, if you love your wig in colour 2, get a straight and a curly style in the same colour and alternate them. Wearing one wig for more than a week, reduces the life span of that wig. I also recommend not going to bed in your wig. That is why I prefer glue less lace wigs.  Brush your wig everyday with a good wig brush, also give your wig the kiss of life each week
 with a fabulous wig spray. Lastly, leave your wig when not in use on a wig stand.

If your natural hair is damaged, plait your hair whilst wearing a fabulous wig. Your hair is safely tucked away while looking fabulous. The lace wig guarantees an invisible hairline, invest in it. Love and take care of your wig, and it will love you back. Now you can relax that people are looking at you, not your hairline. fabulous.

Its all about you.

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