Friday, 18 February 2011

Cosmetics Talk

The Daily Mail newspapers, a UK newspaper  reported yesterday a picture of superstar Beyonce spotting a paler skin which somehow suggests that she may have lightened her skin. Has she or hasn't she? To be honest with you, its Beyonces choice what she does with her skin. Why do we have to pass judgement? after all people sleep in sun beds all day trying to tan their skin. I think everyone deserves the right to whatever beauty treatment they choose as long as it is safe. Check out our website, for fabulous skin creams like the fabulous Black Opal dual phase fade cream amongst others. Fabulous.

As a woman, finding the right beauty treatment that works is very daunting. Its double the hard work for women of colour partly because some well known brands do not cater for black skin. In my quest for beauty treatment that actually works, I have discovered that Estee lauder has fabulous cosmetic range for black women, plus they offer exchange even if you have used the item. I particularly love their Double wear foundation. It doesn't turn ashy and it stays on all day. I also recommend Estee lauder Advanced Night Repair. Fabulous.

Clinique also makes fabulous cosmetics suitable for black skin. Their faciall wash is great for oily skin and their dramatically different moisturising lotion keeps skin soft and hydrated. Fabulous.

Women of colour have also trusted Elizabeth Ardens Visible Difference over the years to moisturize and hydrate. I have also found Body shop Body Butter very helpful expecially during winter months. Whats your favourite? Let us know by posting a comment on this blog.

Whatever your skin type, there are fabulous products out there. Will keep you posted.

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