Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Getting Ready For Summer

I love spring time.  I love the in between, not too cold or too hot. I suppose having a gorgeous and beautiful styled trench coats does help  too. Again, like most people, I love summer time. Everything is beautiful and fabulous in summer. People are happier and look fabulous. I suppose its so much easier to look more fabulous in Summer, not having to cover up so much. People look thinner and fab.  This summer, its going to be bold beautiful bright colours. High fabulous wedges too. We have been stocking up also for summer time. Fabulous, chic and glamorous short styled lace front wigs both human and synthetic fibres. We also have chic span wraps for that fab look. Visit www.fab4hairnbeauty.com for more.

As the weather becomes warmer, of course we sweat more. I have been in search of  a good aluminium free Deodorant that actually works. I am very particular about the deodorant that I use daily. I know there are fabulous ones with aluminium and Para bins in them, but I will rather be cautious and use a good deodorant free of harmful ingredients.  Discovered quite a few products without aluminium in my search.  Products like Roll on by One Planet, Sanex Natur Protect, Salt of the earth, Tisserand Refreshing Deodorant and many more. This aluminium free deodorants work, but I have discovered that you have to keep reapplying them for the best results. I have also discovered a great one made by Body Shop. Its called DeoDry aluminium free deodorant. It works perfectly fine. Fabulous.

Check out our website for great deals. Get yourself one of our span wraps for the days you don't feel like styling your hair but still want to look glam. Whatever your style, keep it chic and simple.

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