Monday, 28 November 2011

From Dallas Tx With Love

Still in Dallas Texas as I post this blog. Recovering from a manic weekend of Black Friday sales after an awesome thanksgiving. This is my favourite time of visiting the United States mainly because of it's celebratory atmosphere and of course the thanksgiving sales which kicks off with the manic Black Friday. I understand it is called Black Friday, because it is a time when struggling businesses previously in red get back to black due to unprecedented sales. Fabulous. Last Friday didn't disappoint as shoppers thronged the shops as early as midnight for bargains. Won't forget the story in the news of a woman shopper who sprayed fellow shoppers with pepper spray just to get ahead. Incredible stuff. In this dire economic times, bargains come in handy.

Did a bit of shopping myself. Great bargains in Macy's, Nordstrom and other great stores. Also met up with my fabulous supplier Jenny. We spent sometime discussing fabulous beauty products that will be hot on the list for any beauty conscious lady in the year 2012. No doubt I have great products for my fabulous customers. Will be uploading them ASAP onto our fabulous website and our online shops on Amazon UK and our facebook store. Keep looking up our fab store for regular updates. Jenny is also attending a Hair Show taking place in Las Vegas this week. Hair shows enable us to stay on top of things fashion wise.

With Christmas around the corner, start your shopping early by visiting our fabulous stores online for great bargains. Just to also add, we ship all over Europe and beyond. Also check out our fantastic feedbacks on our Amazon UK shop from satisfied customers.

It's all about you.

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