Monday, 1 November 2010

Ready For Growth

Attended a very informative seminar today entitled "Ready for Growth" . The seminar was organised by Barclays Bank to encourage and educate small businesses about growing their business. I almost discouraged myself from attending because I felt it may not be right for me.  I was glad  I attended because I feel fired up. It was also free to attend for their customers.

The seminar offered a very good opportunity to network. Had a chat with a budding enterprenure who had just started her business like me. She had so much information to give. It was great bouncing off ideas and rubbing minds. Information indeed is power. I am rearing to go further with my business.

Was really fired up by the inspirational stories of businesses which started off small but have grown tremendously. I was particularly inspired by the talk given by the CEO of Ella's Kitchen, Paul Lindley. Amazing story of determination.
I am fired up to keep going despite challenges.


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